Jay Park Enjoys Being Handcuffed in “SNL Korea’s” “Vogue” Pictorial

Recently, the crew of tvN’s “SNL Korea” participated in the fashion magazine “Vogue Korea’s” pictorial. Under the erotic yet humorous theme, the members showed off a combination of high-fashion and high-comedy.

One of the photos that caught the fans’ attention involve comedian Ahn Young Mi and Jay Park. In the picture, Ahn Young Mi does the sexy “Sharon Stone pose,” while Jay Park smiles happily as he is handcuffed to the chair.

Other members that participated in this pictorial include Shin Dong Yup, Jung Sung Ho, Jung Myung Ok, Kim Won Hae, Kim Seul Ki, Lee Sang Hoon, Yoo Se Yoon, Seo Yuri, Kim Min Kyo, Lee Young Ja, and Kwon Hyuk Soo.

Meanwhile, this sexy pictorial can be seen on the June issue of “Vogue Korea.”