Go Joon Hee Said She Had Her Reasons for Ignoring Jinwoon for a Month

On May 18, “We Got Married” couple Go Joon Hee and Jinwoon revealed the small dilemma they faced as a result of Go Joon Hee keeping mum about the surprise party she was planning to throw for Jinwoon’s birthday. 

For the celebratory occasion, Go Joon Hee invited Jinwoon’s friends SHINee‘s Key, MBLAQ‘s Mir and KARA‘s Nicole. She even received some tips on how to show aegyo from KARA’s Nicole as part of her effort to show Jinwoon how much she cared for him. 

However when Jinwoon walked through the door, he would not meet Go Joon Hee’s gaze. He would only engage in conversations with his friends, but say a few words to Go Joon Hee only when he had to.

When asked about her pretend husband’s strange behavior, Go Joon Hee revealed, “I think it’s because of the text messages that I sent? In order to prepare for his birthday party, I deliberately ignored most of Jinwoon’s messages so that he would feel even more touched by the gesture.”

She also revealed that it had been a month since she had ignored Jinwoon’s messages. She would also send messages like, “Let’s just meet up for recording the show, I don’t think we should have any reason to be contacting each other privately.” Jinwoon’s shock could be read in his response, “Don’t you think we should meet up and talk about these things face-to-face?” 

Although poor Jinwoon was lead to believe that there might be another man in Go Joon Hee’s life, he was nevertheless pleasantly surprised by the birthday party his wife threw.