Park Bom Is a Fan of Kim Min Yool from “Dad, Where Are You Going?”

2NE1 member Park Bom recently declared she had Kim Min Yool fever.

On May 19, Park Bom tweeted, “Oh my god. Today’s ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ was so much fun! Min Yool is too adorable! I want to be Min Yool’s fan.”

On that day, MBC’s “Dad, Where Are You Going?” featured a special “sibling edit” where Kim Sung Joo’s second son, Kim Min Gook‘s younger brother Kim Min Yool made an appearance on the show and stole the spotlight.  

With his adorable manner of speech and simple wide-eyed wonder for the world, Min Yool is reported to be a potentially strong rival to Yoon Hoo’s current entertainment presence on the show.

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “Kim Min Yool is definitely cute!” “I have Kim Min Yool fever too!” “Wow, Kim Min Yool must have potential to be the star of the show as well, seeing as how Park Bom likes him so much,” and “Can Min Yool be a permanent fixture on the show? He’s adorable!”