Suzy Cries at the Mention of Her $10 Million Endorsement Deals

On May 20, the cast of “Gu Family Book” held a press conference to mark the half-way point in their drama. During the conference, a reporter asked Suzy about her $10 million (10 billion KRW) worth from endorsement deals. According to Sports Hankooki, at first Suzy replied, “I am filming a lot of commercials because I have received a lot of love. It’s good but the more I shoot, the more responsibility I feel. I think I am becoming more careful.” Suzy couldn’t continue with her answer, however, seemingly choking up.

Lee Seung Gi, her fellow co-star, came to her rescue saying, “Shall I help?” He said, “I had the same experience. When something like this happens, the modifier ‘$10 million’ always follows but we don’t really earn $10 million. Many people think we earn a lot of money but it’s not like that.” He added, “I feel sorry for Bae Suzy because she goes to film commercials on days off from filming the drama. I think she will be exhausted.”

At this, Suzy started to shed tears in earnest. After settling down a bit she said, “I don’t know why I cried,” and gave a bright smile. 

At the end of the press conference Suzy apologized, saying, “I’m sorry for showing tears.”

A representative from JYP Entertainment stated to Sports Hankooki, “There was a story about her being a ‘$10 million girl” but it is not true. I think that is why Suzy felt a lot of pressure and when it came up again, her emotions got the best of her.”

Meanwhile, “Gu Family Book” is continuing to be a Monday- Tuesday drama hit in ratings.