Lee Sang Min Apologizes to Baek Ji Young for Causing Financial Trouble

On the most recent episode of tvN “Star Special Lecture Show,” music producer and entertainer Lee Sang Min talked about the time Baek Ji Young guaranteed his debt. He explained, “When my restaurant business failed, I went from a cash holder of 4.8 billion Korean won (about 4.8 million USD) to having 5.7 billion Korean won (about 5.7 million USD) in debt. Baek Ji Young volunteered to guarantee my debt because I produced ‘I Won’t Love.'”

He continued, “Baek Ji Young didn’t give herself enough time as a guarantor and the debtors started to pressure her to pay back. In the end, Baek Ji Young asked me to nullify her contract with me as a singer and producer, because the pressure got worse and she couldn’t handle it anymore. And yet, I sent her a certification of content proving that she has to release one more album with me before she can nullify her contract.”

Lee Sang Min explained, “At the time, things were difficult. I think I thought of everyone as my enemy unless they were visibly friendly with me. I feel very sorry for Baek Ji Young and would like to apologize.”