Former Head of Block B’s Former Agency Found Dead

It is currently being reported that the former head of Block B‘s former agency, Stardom Entertainment, was found dead on May 20, having committed suicide in his own home.

The deceased has previously received attention as being a central figure in the lawsuit between Block B and Stardom Entertainment. 

According to MBN TV, a source close to the deceased said, “It is true that it was a suicide. I know there are rumors that his death has something to do with Block B’s lawsuit but there is no relationship between those two. It was because of a personal reason. I think he felt there was no other solution.” 

Stardom Entertainment has also stated to TV Daily that the deceased left the company over two years ago and that the company knows nothing more than what is being reported.

In early January of this year, Block B filed for an injunction against Stardom to end their exclusive contract with the company, citing unpaid earnings and fraud.