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Gu Family Book,” the MBC drama currently airing on Monday and Tuesday evenings, has recently passed the half-way point of its 20-episode run. It has been first place in ratings during Mondays and Tuesdays for most of its run, beating out “God of the Workplace”  (starring Kim Hye Soo and Oh Ji Ho) and “Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love” (starring Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee).

With its creative storyline and meaningful message, “Gu Family Book” is hitting the right note with many viewers. Here are ten reasons why you should be watching “Gu Family Book” too, if you aren’t already.

1. No rage-inducing second female lead.

The second female lead in “Gu Family Book” is not your typical third wheel that you find yourself wanting to scratch the eyes out of. Chung Jo, played by Lee Yoo Bi, is a noble and self-sacrificing second lead whom you may find yourself cheering for.

2. “Gu Family Book” has a father figure who goes against all K-drama laws and actually loves and supports the hero despite the hero not being his real son. The father is also a benevolent leader of the community who doesn’t glare and pop his veins being evil.

3. Lee Seung Gi is playing a role he does best- an immature and rash young boy transforming into an admirable hero. Except this time, Lee Seung Gi is literally trying to transform from a half-beast to full human. 

4. Butt-kicking female lead.

Suzy plays the female lead, Yeo Wool, who dresses like a boy so she can freely practice her martial arts in the strictly gendered Joseon society. In one episode, Suzy aims for and hits with her own arrow another one about to be shot. So. Awesome.

5. The drama combines a strong female lead with an immature male who thinks the heroine is a boy. Cue cute bickering and touchy headlocks.

6. Lee Seung Gi somehow ends up with his hand on Suzy’s chest. In a sageuk. 

7. Sung Joon makes the funniest and poutiest faces whenever other men make lovey-dovey eyes around his dear lady master, Suzy.

8. Choi Jin Hyuk won over hordes of fans with his short appearance in the first two episodes portraying a beastly yet adorable animal god character, Wol Ryung. Many viewers were sad to see him go but thankfully, he is returning to the drama even more feral than ever.

9. “Gu Family Book” is beautifully filmed with majestic locations, colorful costumes, and thoughtful mise-en-scène.

10. Finally, “Gu Family Book” takes a simple message about humanity and tells a beautiful and moving story about sacrifice, loyalty, and love. It’s not what you are born as but the choices you make that define who you are.

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