Taecyeon’s Mom is the “Queen of Housewives”

On the May 21 episode of the SBS talk show “Hwashin,” 2PM‘s Taecyeon talked about his mother’s impressive resume. 

Taecyeon told the guests and MCs of the show that his mother has won many “Housewives” quiz shows from all three terrestrial televisions stations- MBC, SBS, KBS- resulting in many prizes. He revealed that most of the household products in his parents’ house were prizes from the quiz shows. His mother also won “King of Kings” status on one quiz show, winning a 15 days, 14 nights European vacation. He added, “She has gone overseas more than I have.”

Other quests of the show for this episode included fellow member Nichkhun and Chansung, actor Lee Chang Hoon, and singer Sung Shi Kyung.