NS Yoonji Sports Sexy Red Lacy Dress for “Arena Homme Plus”

Fashion magazine “Arena Homme Plus” revealed a still cut of NS Yoonji, which has shaken the hearts of male fans everywhere.

NS Yoonji posed for this photoshoot and sat down for an interview afterwards. In the revealed cut, she is sporting an extremely sexy, red lacy dress. The tight dress highlights her coca-cola bottle shaped body and she pairs her outfit with a sexy red lipstick.

NS Yoonji stated, “On days when I don’t have anything on my schedule, I dress comfortably no matter what. I wear heels only once or twice a year. My dress code consists of jeans, a white t-shirt and sneakers.”

She also commented, “I like to take walks by myself, watch movies by myself and eat at Itaewon by myself,” showing off her independent side.

The rest of NS Yoonji’s photos from this shoot and the interview can be found in the June issue of “Arena Homme Plus.”