[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – May Week 3

Welcome to the Soompi Weekly Roundup! Every weekend we will highlight all the important news that happened this week, so you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

While normally K-Pop is mostly glitz and glamor, this week a lot of dark and unfortunate events took the spotlight. On the same day, the former head of Block’s B‘s former agency and Son Ho Young‘s girlfriend committed suicide. After attending the funeral, Son Ho Young tried to commit suicide in the same manner. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful and is currently in a hospital recovering. Poor guy, hopefully he will be able to get the emotional help he needs and make a strong recovery. We’re rooting for you!

Trot singer and entertainer Jang Yoon Jung had happily announced her upcoming wedding with TV announcer Do Kyung Wan last month but it looks like family matters will damper the festivities. In an interview, Jang Yoon Jung shared how her mother spent all her savings and then some, leaving her completely broke. Well, her mother and her brother had something to say back to her. Yikes, family drama like this is probably best kept within the family.

In happier news, congratulations to actor Bae Soo Bin on his engagement!

Music Video of the Week: Lee Hyori‘s “Bad Girl” is the music video pick of the week for being the perfect combination of fun and sexy. The eyebrows were a little freaky on the little Hyori. I’m surprised she didn’t just go out and drawl, “Imma gonna cuuuut youuu.” If the eyebrows get to you, you can watch the dance version instead.

Runners Up: Vixx gave us the dark and sexy for their Jekyll and Hyde themed music video. “Super Star K 3” duet Two Months took us down memory lane in a Facebook themed music video. As if we are not on Facebook enough as it is.

SNS of the Week: Hyoyeon made an Instagram account so follow it if you haven’t already. Maybe she will post more pictures of Japanese drag queens like Taeyeon. She’ll probably just post some selcas, not that we mind.

Runners Up: Jo Kwon shows photo proof that he is loved and adored. G-Dragon wishes Taeyang a happy birthday with a old picture of their long lasting bromance.

Drama Moment of the Week: A lot of people are getting excited for the upcoming tvN drama “Dating Agency: Cyrano,” especially with Taemin and Lee Yoon Ji lined up for cameos in the first episode. Looks like this drama will be a lot of fun!

Runners Up: We will be seeing Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Yoon San Hyun, Onew, Joo Won, and Joo Sang Wook in new dramas or sitcoms very soon. Hopefully none of those dramas will commit the mistakes that most dramas make.

Variety Moment of the Week: Lee Hyori will make her first variety appearance since forever in “Barefoot Friends.” UEE will be glad for female company and everyone else glad for more females in general. Plus it will be fun to see the almighty Kang Ho Dong cower in Hyori’s charismatic presence. Hopefully this will help the show’s ratings.

Runners Up: Joo Won almost breaks his face during “1 Night 2 Days” (oh nooo) but keeps filming like the trooper he is. Shinhwa will take a break from “Shinhwa Broadcast” (oh nooo) for their world tour.

Gallery of the Week: Koreans make a big deal about “Coming-of-Age Day” which is fine with us because it gives us more reasons to celebrate the good looking members of the 93′ and 94′ line. All across the world, the uncle and auntie fans cheer, “Yes, they’re legal now!” Guilt free fangirling/fanboying is the best!

Runners Up: Girls’ Generation always turns the airport into a fashion runway. The people voted which actors memorize the script the best but how do you determine something like that? Are the people who voted actually there on set? Do the actors get timed? Do they get points based on difficulties? I have a lot of questions about this poll.

Pictorial of the Week: DBSK’s Yunho doesn’t appear in pictorials as often as he should. He has the perfect face for modelling. I hear it’s tiny. Don’t they like small faces? Either way, he looks great here.

Runners Up: Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee had no problem looking intimate for this Marie Claire photo shoot since they are constantly touching each other on “We Got Married.” The SNL cast, including Jay Park, goes for classy and sexy for Vogue but add their comedic twist.