“We Got Married” Go Joon Hee Starts to Feel the Age Gap

On May 25, Go Joon Hee felt the sizable age gap between her and 2AM member Jinwoon for the first time. 

It was when Go Joon Hee asked, “How old were you during the 2002 World Cup series?” and Jinwoon replied, “I was in fifth grade” which made Go Joon Hee felt a lot older. She exclaimed, “Wow, I guess you really are a baby. I think I was a high schooler around that time.” Jinwoon replied, “But right now we’re both adults, how can you say that now?”

The two again discovered how wide their gap was when they took a stroll along a path through the roses. While Go Joon Hee was reminded of comedian Lee Hong Ryul’s “The Evening’s Blood is Roses,” Jinwoon was reminded of the song “100 Roses.” Go Joon Hee remarked, “Wow, how come when I think of Lee Hong Ryul, you think of the ‘100 Roses’ song?”

On the other hand, “We Got Married” season 4 couple Go Joon Hee and Jinwoon went on their honeymoon to Nagasaki, Japan.