Sandara Park Promotes CL’s “The Baddest Female” with Recent Selcas

On May 27, 2NE1’sSandara Park uploaded several photos of herself on her Twitter along with the message, “A girl who works out all by her lonesome self. If you don’t work out and take care of yourself, you are the baddest female~! Oh?!? The Baddest Female?!? To be revealed tomorrow at noon!”

In the released pictures is Sandara Park wearing an adorable hat that has cat ears and says “CAT” on the front. She is also wearing a t-shirt with her name “DARA” written across as she is exercising at a gym.

Fans that saw these photos commented, “Both her hat and t-shirt look like they are custom made especially for her,” “I want that hat,” and “Sandara Park looks cute with the kitty hat.”