f(x)’s Krystal Talks About Retirement

f(x) member Krystal discussed her thoughts on retirement for the May 28 episode of MBC Music’s “Amazing f(x).”

For “Amazing f(x),” the members traveled to New Zealand to fulfill their bucket list and create unforgettable memories for their 20s. Before they left for New Zealand, however, each member wrote down and presented their individual bucket list.

In particular, Krystal brought up the topic of retirement and declared, “I don’t want to show myself growing old and my increasing wrinkles. I want to be remembered as always pretty.”

The other f(x) members reacted in surprise to hear one of their youngest members talk about retirement. They said, “Although Krystal is barely twenty years old, she seems to seriously be thinking about the future as an entertainer.”

Fellow member Victoria also talked about her post-retirement plans, saying “I want to open a café after retirement.” Luna added, “I want to become a good wife” and “I want to have eight kids.”