Lee Hyori: “After Quitting Soju Advertisements, I Changed Brands”

Lee Hyori made headlines with the funny and interesting statements that she made during her appearance on the May 29 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star.” On this particular show she also talked about her soju advertisements.

If you did not know already, Lee Hyori was the face of the popular soju brand “Like the First Time” or “Chum Churum” for quite a long time. She represented “Like the First Time” for 5 years! Lee Hyori said about herself, “Just when I felt like I should stop doing alcohol advertisements, the [“Like The First Time”] company suggested that it was about time to stop advertising with me.”

The MCs then asked Lee Hyori what brand of soju she drinks now. Lee Hyori replied, “I now drink soju that isn’t the one that I modeled for.”

Lee Hyori added, “I have a box of [“Like the First Time”] soju at home.  I think it is going to be memorable later.”


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