Lee Hyori Confessed She Got in a Catfight With Her Teammate During Fin.K.L Days

Lee Hyori revealed that she got in a catfight during her days as in Fin.K.L and ended up grabbing her teammate’s hair during the physical fight.

On May 29, MBC’s “Radio Star” aired an episode where Lee Hyori was a guest along with other first general idols Moon Hee Jun (ex-H.O.T) and Kim Jong Min (Koyote).

Lee Hyori said, “Whenever we get first place on music programs, I’d say to the members, ‘Lets go out for a drink,’ but the other members were such model students to the point that they would say, ‘Lets get together and pray.’ I felt out of place with the other members.”

She continued, “Lee Jin would talk about me behind my back. One time, we went out of Seoul to film a commercial when she was talking with Yuri. It sounded like they were talking about me so I asked, ‘Are you trying to tell me something?’ She responded, ‘Yea, this is what I’m trying to tell you.’ She must’ve held a lot of it in [to answer me like that].”

“I could’ve just let it slide, but I was so embarrassed so I grabbed her hair. The two of us were in a catfight grabbing each other’s hair inside a car going 140km (87 mph). At the end, the manager got in between and we stopped. Afterwards, I saw Lee Jin performing like nothing happened and I didn’t like it. I still wasn’t over what just happened. But the next day, she wrote an apology letter and we made up. The whole team got closer after that.”

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