Jay Park and Kim Seul Gi Release “Rude Girl” MV for “She is Wow” OST

SNL Korea” star Kim Seul Gi and Jay Park have teamed up once again to release the song and music video for “Rude Girl” as part of “She is Wow” OST. 

This track is produced by director Kim Chul Gyu and music director Kim Tae Sung. Jay Park also participated in the rap-making for this track. 

The music video shows scenes from the drama “She is Wow,” as well as comically images of Kim Seul Gi and Jay Park while they recorded the track.

This is isn’t the first time that the two have collaborated musically together. They recorded the song “Because I’m a Man” for SNL korea, which was a parody of Rihanna and Eminem‘s “Love the Way You Lie.”