Kim Tae Hee And Hong Soo Hyun Are Close In Real Life

A candid photo of actresses Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun between filming scenes for “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” has been a hot trending photo among online community forums.

In SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love,” Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun star in rival roles as concubine Jang Ok Jung and Queen In Hyun, respectively.

In the photo, Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun are wearing warm parkas over beautiful traditional Hanboks and have their hair done up with lovely, decorative hair pieces. Kim Tae Hee is also seen resting her head on Hong Soo Hyun’s shoulder, an endearing scene between the two actresses who are usually found staring each other down in the palace courtyards or exchanging fierce gazes while making biting remarks in “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love.”

The ensuing struggle to be the mother of the next successor to the throne and the sole lover of Lee Soon pits the two actresses against one another in the drama constantly, however in real life the two women are said to be actually close. According to sources, the ladies are only one year apart in age and address each other comfortably, often found filming their scenes in a manner that can be best described as chummy. 

Netizens who learned of Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun’s friendship commented, “Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun are beautiful together” and “They look like really sweet girls.”