Kim Ye Rim of “Two Months” Releases Solo Album Jacket Photo

Female part of the duet “Two Months” (Togeworl), Kim Ye Rim, has released the album jacket photo from her solo debut album. 

It was previously announced by the Mystic 39 CEO, Yoon Jong Shin, that Kim Ye Rim will be debuting solo without “Two Months” partner Do Dae Yoon due to his necessary return to the U.S. for his studies. 

Kim Ye Rim is debuting with the song titled, “Colorring,” which is about the emotions one feels while waiting for a lover to pick up the phone. 

A representative from Mystic 39 stated, “Through the solo album, Kim Ye Rim will show a more distinctive and contemporary sense than what she has shown with Two Months.”

“Colorring” will be available on music sites June 4.