Haha Shares Adorable Photos of 7 Months Pregnant Wife Byul

“Running Man” star Haha recently shared photos of his adorable wife Byul, who is currently seven months pregnant.

On May 30, Haha shared the photos to his twitter account with the caption, “Honestly speaking, she’s adorable isn’t she? What a beautiful evening.” 

In the photos, Byul makes a series of adorable expressions while gazing hungrily at her food. From disbelief to delight, Byul looks like a cute character from a manga the way she marvels her food.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Just like Haha said, Byul’s expressions are too cute” and “Haha has fallen in love with Byul for her cuteness.”

In related news, Haha’s wife Byul recently released an adorable single titled, “You Are the Best which seems to be dedicated to her dear husband.