[Recap] Weekly Soompi Roundup – May Week 4

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!

NextAnother week full of teasers and awesome music videos

The big music videos from this week are from the two biggest K-Pop companies, and each video stays true to their agency’s style. SM released EXO’s “Oolf,” I mean, “Wolf,” with its fancy effects, futuristic backgrounds (let’s just admit it now, it’s just a bigger box), dramatic close-ups of their handsome idols, and that annoying ad for Genie.

YG released CL’s solo debut “The Baddest Female” and made sure it had the usual expensive cars, extravagant outfits, and customized bling.

Other notable music videos Byul’s super, super cute “You are the Best,” Boyfriend’s sweet “On &On,” multi-ethnic girl group Skarf’s “Luv Virus.”

Along with these music videos we had teasers from MBLAQ, After School, and Rainbow. SM also tried to troll everyone by announcing that it was going to promote a new solo artist and had fans shouting out trainee names. Turns out, Henry from Super Junior-M is going solo (with help from Taemin and Kyuhyun). SM, you troll.

Next…What are the most popular variety shows at Soompi?

Infinity Challenge” and “Running Man” are Korea’s favorite variety shows, but it looks like “Running Man” is more popular here at Soompi because every Monday Couple article gets a billion* views. “We Got Married” is also popular, and you don’t even have to watch it because Soompi has its own awesome** recap. Maybe “Barefoot Friends” could learn some things from them because they are still struggling.

Ye Eun has been cast in the new basketball drama but they could have picked a more flattering photo. Drama fans cheered when it was announced that Choi Jin Hyuk (who became popular playing Lee Seung Gi’s beastly spirit father on “Gu’s Family Book”) has joined the already awesome cast of “Heirs.” Two representatives of handsome, Won Bin and Song Joong Ki, are also looking into roles in different movies.

* This is an exaggeration

** This is self-promotion

Next…Idols look good in pictorials and in selcas.

INFINITE doesn’t understand why idols are discouraged from dating. Let them be free! Why be adorably handsome if you can’t date properly? T-ara N4’s Hyomin wasn’t afraid to show some skin for her pictorial in “In Style. Yoon Eun Hye and Han Ji Min both go for the short hair look and pull it off in their separate photo shoots.

A lot of our favorite celebrities showed up for the flagship store launch of Tommy Hilfiger while some other decided to sweat it out for a marathon.

In the social networking world, Sulli looks lovely next to the water even though she has aquaphobia. Sandara supports CL’s solo debut with pictures from the gym. We’re not quite sure who Kim Ji Soo is but wow, he did lose a lot of weight!

That’s all for this recap. Come back every weekend for more near-perfect recaps*** right here at Soompi!

***This is another self-promotion

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