Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2013 - June Week 1

4minute’s “What’s Your Name” shows no sign of slowing down as it repeats as No. 1 for the third straight week.  Despite facing very strong competition, “What’s Your Name” again is the only song scoring over 900 points and is still well ahead of all other songs.

No. 2 is a new song in the top 10.  Ageless boy band Shinhwa is back with their latest hit “This Love,” the title song from their 11th album “The Classic.”  Shinhwa is the longest running active idol group in all of K-Pop.  Debuting back in 1998 as one of the first generation idol groups, this year marks the 15th anniversary of Shinhwa’s debut.  They are still going very strong thanks to a large group of loyal fans who have followed them throughout their career.  “This Love” is a dance track about wanting to win a girl’s love so that he may love her endlessly.  It moves up 24 spots to No. 2 this week, already having wins on different music shows.  It will definitely have the inside track to become our next No. 1 song.

The highest debut on our chart this week is at No. 5.  R&B duo Vibe enters the chart with “Getting To This Age,” the title song of their fifth album “Organic Sound.”  The album preview song “For The Last Time” was at No. 14 last week.  Vibe may not be a household name but both members Ryu Jae Hyun and Yoon Min Soo are writing and producing for many artists.  Perhaps due to their busy schedule, Vibe only released five albums in the 12 years since their debut.  “For The Last Time” is a simple yet original song written by Ryu Jae Hyun.  Ironically, 4men’s “Propose Song” is ranked just below Vibe this week at No. 6.  The two groups are almost mirror images of each other in style, and Yoon Min Soo has produced many of 4men’s hits.  Listeners will have a chance to compare the two groups this week.

Moving up 19 spots to No. 8 is Seo In Young’s “Let’s Break Up.”  Known more for her dance hits, she is coming back with a jazz style ballad this time from her latest mini-album “Forever Young.”  This acoustic number has lyrics about a woman who knows she needs to suggest breaking up first even though she knows how much it will hurt.  It showcases Seo In Young’s vocals and emotions put into the song.

The last two new songs in the top ten are by the same artist.  Top boy group 2PM has released their third full length album “Grown Up” with two different title songs “A.D.T.O.Y” (short for All Day Think Of You) and “Come Back When You Hear This Song.”  These two songs are at No. 9 and 10 respectively.  However, this strategy apparently backfired as listeners seem to have divided opinions about each song.  I myself like “A.D.T.O.Y” better despite “Come Back When You Hear This Song” was promoted more.  The result so far is far short of expectation compared to previous 2PM hits which were mostly chart toppers.  Hopefully that will change in future weeks with a clearer focus.

Singles Music Chart - June 2013, Week 1
  • 1 (–) What’s Your Name?
    • Chart Info
    • 1 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 2 (+24) This Love
    • Chart Info
    • 26 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
  • 3 (-1) Yoohoo
    • Chart Info
    • 2 Previous rank
    • 4 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
  • 4 (+1) What’s Happening
    • Chart Info
    • 5 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 4 Peak on chart
  • 5 (new) Getting To This Age
    • Chart Info
    • 0 Previous rank
    • 1 Number of week on chart
    • 5 Peak on chart
  • 6 (–) Propose Song
    • Chart Info
    • 6 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 6 Peak on chart
  • 7 (-3) Bom Bom Bom
    • Chart Info
    • 4 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 4 Peak on chart
  • 8 (+19) Let’s Break Up
    • Chart Info
    • 27 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 8 Peak on chart
  • 9 (+10) A.D.T.O.Y
    • Chart Info
    • 19 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 9 Peak on chart
  • 10 (+1) Come Back When You Hear This Song
    • Chart Info
    • 11 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 10 Peak on chart
Rank Song Artist/Band
11 (-3) 전원일기 (Country Diary) T-ara N4
12 (–) Wash Away (feat. Ailee) Geeks
13 (-6) Hello Cho Yong Pil
14 (new) Bad Girls Lee Hyori
15 (-6) 우리가 헤어진 진짜 이유 (The Reason Why We Broke Up) Younha
16 (-6) Gentlemen Psy
17 (new) 잘 있나요 (Best Wishes To You) The One
18 (-5) 귀여운 남자 (Pretty Boy) Juniel
19 (-4) Why So Serious? SHINee
20 (-3) Love Blossom K.will
21 (–) 나를 잊지말아요 (Don’t Forget Me) Suzy
22 (-8) Hello Yoo Seung Woo
23 (-1) Wild Nine Muses
24 (new) 콩떡빙수 (Bean Bing Soo) Akdong Musician
25 (-5) Breakable Heart Lyn
26 (-2) Be Warmed (feat. Verbal Jint) Davichi
27 (new) Number 1 Two Months
28 (-3) 차 마실래 (Would You Stay For Tea?) Hello Venus
29 (new) Hyde VIXX
30 (new) 떠올라 (Remember) Baek Ji Young
31 (-8) 안아줘요 (Hug Song) Orange Caramel, 10cm
32 (+8) With Coffee Zi-A, Hanbyul
33 (+5) 흔들리고 있어 (Shaking Heart) C-Clown
34 (-1) JOAH Jay Park
35 (-4) 기대해 (Expect) Girl’s Day
36 (new) 줄 수 있어 (I Can Give You (feat. YDG & Yeeun)) Leo Kekoa
37 (-7) Rose Lee Hi
38 (-10) 너 때문에 (Because Of You (feat. Sung Hoon)) UV
39 (new) Back To You Yoon Gun
40 (new) Tarzan Wonder Boyz
41 (+2) 바보가슴 (Foolish Heart) Junsu
42 (new) 지난 날 (Past Days) Yong Jun Hyung, BTOB, Ha Yeon Soo
43 (-14) 줄래 (Would You? (feat. Seo In Guk)) Swings
44 (new) Lie N.Sonic
45 (-13) 사랑 끝 (End Of Love) Kim Bo Kyung
46 (new) 사랑의 계절 (Season Of Love) Rumble Fish
47 (-2) Because I Love You Bae Chi Gi, Shin Bora
48 (-11) With Laughter Or With Tears Seo In Guk
49 (-14) VIVA청춘 (Viva Youth) Dick Punks
50 (-8) 멀어진다 (Far Away) Hong Dae Kwang

About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings.  It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea and airplay of each song, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop.  Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
GAON Music Chart
– 20%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada) – 15%
Billboard Korea – 20% 
SBS Inkigayo Chart  – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
MNet M!Countdown Chart – 10%

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