Goodbye To ChAOS: A Mini-Tribute to a Short Lived Boy Band

In May it was announced that the members of the male group ChAOS have disbanded and will be pursuing individual activities after being together for only sixteen months.

Although the group had only been promoting for a little over a year, they released several catchy singles and had a devoted fan base. The news, while saddening to their fans, is not completely surprising considering that around eighty idol groups debuted in 2012. It was an extremely competitive year for rookie groups and there was bound to be some consequences. 

Nevertheless, here at Soompi we want to recognize ChAOS and their catchy songs they gifted us with during their short time as an idol group. While the group did not release many songs during their time, their songs were fun to listen to and their music videos were just as fun to watch. Ex-idol members do move on and continue to work in the entertainment business so this probably will not be the last we see of the ChAOS members. 


Basic Information

  • Group Name: ChAOS
  • Agency: Winning Insight Entertainment
  • Debut: January 6, 2012 (They were the second rookie group to debut that year) 



Park Tae Yang (1988): Leader and vocalist. He used to be in the reality Tv show “Conduct Zero” and was mentored by actor Choi Min Soo
Park Taeyang
Jang Hyun Sun (1988): Rapper
Park Hee Jae (1990): Vocalist
Kim Dong Min (1992): Vocalist
Lee Doo Hwan (1993): Main vocal and maknae
Music Videos:
January 2012 – “She is Coming” debut single

July 2013 – “Racer” 

September 2012 – “Kiss Kiss