Jung Yong Hwa Delivers Rice Donation from Fans to Soup Kitchen

Ever wonder what actually happens to all those rice donations given by fans to their favorite stars?

On June 3, the social enterprise “Nanum Store” announced, “CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa followed the wishes of his fans from his fansite, “Just Yong Hwa,” and donated the 900kg of rice to the “Mindeulrae Noodle House.”

The 900kg of rice was donated by fans and brought to CNBlue on May 25 to congratulate the group on their Seoul concert.

The Mindeulrae Noodle House gives free food to 400-500 people five days a week.

The 900kg of rice donated by Jung Yong Hwa’s fans will be able to feed around 8000 people.

Mindeulrae Noodle house