Lee Jong Suk Clears Up Rumors of Discord with IU

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently cleared up the rumors that claimed that he was on bad terms with IU.

Lee Jong Suk was a guest on the SBS talk show, “Hwashin” that aired on June 4. He talked about the rumor of him and IU being on bad terms and not saying a single word to each other in the waiting room when they were emcees for “Inkigayo” together.

MC Bong Tae Gyu started off by saying, “There’s a rumor that you and IU did not speak to each other in the ‘Inkigayo’ waiting room.” Lee Jong Suk explained, “There are many young viewers for ‘Inkigayo’ so things are very one-dimensional when it comes to costumes, makeup or the things we say. But I hated having to make those big body movements and wearing childish costumes.”

Lee Jong Suk continued, “But IU said that we had to be different from other music programs and that we should dress up in costumes. She came up with ideas like dressing up as Peter Pan characters. We dressed up as Peter Pan, Leon, snowmen and all sorts of different costumes. I was kind of annoyed.”

He admitted, “Everyone loved IU because she’s cute and lovable and the ‘Nation’s Little Sister,’ but there were times when I didn’t like her.”

He said, “But still, when it was all over, I was so sad. After I stepped down as an MC, I kept in touch with IU. We told each other about the things that upset each other and that’s how we became close. Now, she’s one of my few close friends.”

Meanwhile, actress Lee Bo Young also cleared up some rumors, like the one that claimed that she got upset when she was compared to Kim Tae Hee while filming for a CF.

IU lee jong suk peter pan

IU lee jong suk snowmen