Rookie Group History Previews Their Upcoming “Short-Com”

LOEN Entertainment‘s male group History will be starring in their very own video series through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel.

The rookie group released a short preview with English subtitles of their “Short-Com.” What short-com exactly is isn’t totally clear but LOEN offered this explanation: ” Stronger than sitcom, funnier than web-toon, and even funnier than gag-concert, short-com! The attractive alternative group, HISTORY’s ‘becoming a real star’ plan is coming up! Whatever you are thinking of, we are here to break that! Play, if you want to be close to ‘Short-com TORYTORY BANG BANG‘” In the video the members are sharply dressed in trenchcoats and sunglasses as they cooly walk down the street and order Chinese food. 

“Torytory Bang Bang” will premier June 7. Also, check out Soompi’s friendly just-for-fun rookie battle between History and LC9