Sandara Park Wants You to Watch Her Brother Thunder’s Drama

Aw, sibling love! 2NE1‘s Sandara Park enthusiastically supported her younger brother, MBLAQ Thunder‘s current drama, “Nail Shop Paris.”

On June 5, Sandara tweeted, “As I’m drinking this miraculous beverage, I am watching ‘Nail Shop Paris’ real-time. Let’s support Thunder. Right now, this moment, right now.”

She also tweeted a funny photo of what seems to be a parody of a beverage advertisement. The caption above her photo reads, “100% Effect! Just by drinking this, ratings for the first episode will soar!” and the caption below the photo says, “A mysterious and amazing, miraculous beverage. From, Thunder’s Older Sister.” In the photo, Sandara is holding up a sign that reads, “‘Nail Shop Paris,’ I love you.”

Even in last May, while Sandara was at a college festival event, she tweeted, “It was so fun going around college festivals this spring. Now I am home and watching ‘Nail Shop Paris.’ It’s on the channel, MBC Queen.”

Despite Sandara Park’s busy schedule, she always finds time to watch the her little brother’s drama and tweets about it to support it. It has also been reported that she sent lunchboxes that she made herself to the cast and staff of the drama.

sandara park nail shop paris