Kim Soo Hyun’s “Secretly and Greatly” Breaks Record for Opening Korean Film

Wow! “Secretly and Greatly” which stars Kim Soo Hyun is making a killing in the Korean box office! According to KOFIC (The Korean Film Council) “Secretly and Greatly” which opened on June 5 had an audience of 498,282. If we include the numbers for the film screening, that means that the film has now had a total of 507,910 viewers!

This is the highest number of views for the opening day of a Korean film. The film that had the previous record was “Thieves” which had an audience of 436,596 on the day it opened. In comparison, Iron Man 3 had a total audience of 422,504.

“Secretly and Greatly” is based off of a 2010 webtoon about a handsome North Korean spy who acts like the village idiot. More specifically, Kim Soo Hyun’s character pretends that he is a high-school student village idiot that wants to become a signer. Park Ki Woong, Lee Hyun Woo, Son Hyun Joo, and others also star in the movie.


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