Lee Jong Suk Asks, “Is Being Able to Hear Other People’s Thoughts a Blessing?”

On June 6 on his me2day, actor Lee Jong Suk uploaded a photo along with a message, “Did you watch the episode yesterday? Is being able to hear other people’s thoughts a blessing? Or a curse? You gotta watch the show today. Around my neck is a camera I use for monitoring.”

In the picture, Lee Jong Suk is wearing a school uniform, which is worn by his current character, Park Soo Ha, on the SBS’s drama “I Hear Your Voice.” He is smiling at the camera and posing with a V-sign, looking boyish and handsome.

Lee Jong Suk is playing the role of a high school student, who can hear other people’s thoughts, in “I Hear Your Voice.” The first episode aired on June 5.

lee jong suk me2day

Soompiers, did you catch the first week’s episodes? What are your first impressions?