Dress Worn by Shinhwa’s Hyesung on “SNL” Became Sold Out!

Recently on tvN’s “Taxi,” which was aired on June 3, group Shinhwa’s members appeared as special guests. On the show, Shin Hyesung revealed his thoughts on the experience on show “SNL Korea.”

In their episode of “SNL Korea,” which aired on May 4, Shinhwa showed off erotic adult humor skits. This was Shin Hyesung’s first time dressing as a woman, and he was praised for his acting skills.

Shin Hyesung stated, “To me, ‘SNL Korea’ felt like a challenge. I have never acted before, so Eric, Kim Dong Wan, and Shin Dong Yup helped me out a lot.”

He also revealed that the dress he wore on the show became sold out. Hyesung said, “I caused a female outfit to be sold out. I didn’t know how to feel about this.”   

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