After School’s Lizzy Still Hasn’t Fully Recovered from Leg Injury

After School, who will be returning to the music scene June 13 with their 6th Maxi Single, recently released a music video teaser photo. The image only showed seven members out of the eight and it seems to be because member Lizzy still hasn’t fully recovered from her injury. She was injured in May while practicing.

Lizzy uploaded a message and photo on June 7 on her personal Twitter account. The message read, “I am upset I couldn’t film the teaser together. My hand goes in easily because I haven’t used my right leg. What to do? It’s okay even if they are dissimilar. Just let it heal fast. I need to go on stage!” The accompanying photo shows Lizzy’s leg in a cast and her hand fitting into the empty space between her leg and the cast.

Lizzy leg

Get well soon, Lizzy!