Byul Shares Her Feelings After Seeing the Ultrasound of Her Baby

Singer and expecting mother Byul shared her feelings about seeing an ultrasound of her unborn child for the first time.

On June 5 the wife of comedian Haha wrote on her Twitter, “After covering the hands and the feet, our shy and mysterious Dreamy finally showed his/her face inside my stomach. So cute I want to brag but I guess I should to protect Dreamy’s privacy. I will be endure. Please pray for us.”

Koreans usually give their baby a nickname, like Dreamy, before the child is born.A few days later she shared a photo of her and her husband in the car on their way to the hair salon. 

Byul isn’t the only one sharing photos. Haha recently shared an adorable photo of Byul looking very hungry on his own Twitter