SISTAR Releases 2nd “Give It to Me” MV Teaser Feat. Comedian Shin Dong Yup

SISTAR has released their second music video teaser for “Give It to Me” and unlike their first teaser, this one takes a humorous tone by featuring comedian Shin Dong Yup.

Shin Dong Yup plays two roles int the music video- the host of a documentary program going behind the scenes of SISTAR’s music video and the director of the music video. Shin Dong Yup, who is known for his R-rated comedy, brings his trademark to the music video but showing himself oggling at the SISTAR members through the monitoring screen. 

Viewers also get a taste of the music, set, and dance of the actual “Give It to Me” music video, which promises to be theatric, dramatic, and spectacular.

Here is the teaser!

SISTAR will be making their comeback tomorrow, June 11. Who’s excited?