Anti-fan Cafe for Six-Year-Old Yoon Hoo Draws Anger from Netizens

The internet has been abuzz recently when the existence of an anti-cafe for six-year-old (eight by Korean reckoning) Yoon Hoo became widely known. Yoon Hoo, born November 28, 2006, is the son of Vibe member Yoon Min Soo, and is currently appearing with his dad on the popular variety show, “Dad, Where Are You Going?”

The anti-fan cafe is described as “a cafe where people who hate Yoon Hoo can converse” and can only be accessed by those who join as members. It opened April 21 and has around 270 members. This is not the only anti-cafe against a young child from the variety show; announcer Kim Sung Joo‘s son Kim Min Gook also has an anti-cafe.

Netizens who read about the anti-cafe commented, “This will hurt a young child,” “He’s only eight years old. What is the point of an anti-cafe?” and “Not everyone can like him, but shouldn’t we just watch?”

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