Infinite’s Sung Yeol, Oh Jong Hyuk, and More Join “The Laws of the Jungle- Belize”

Infinite member Sung Yeol will be joining the “survival” variety show, “The Laws of the Jungle,” along with former Click-B member Oh Jong Hyuk, actors Kim Sung Soo and Joh Yeo Jung, comedian Ryu Dam, and regular cast members Noh Woo Jin and Kim Byung Man

The seven members will head off to the country of Belize for this new season of “The Laws of the Jungle.” The show has previously ventured to New Zealand and the Amazon, among many other places, taking its members into the wild to find their own food and shelter, bringing out survival instincts and never-before-seen aspects of celebrities.

While the cast has yet to set off for Belize, the staff has already completed their preliminary survey. The exact premiere date of the new season is yet unknown.