Led Apple to Return in June with New Mini Album

Rock band Led Apple is making a return to the music scene June 17 with a new mini album titled, “Bad Boys.”

The group’s agency, Star Kim Entertainment, stated, “Led Apple has confirmed their comeback for June 17 and will be releasing their third mini album, ‘Bad Boys’.”

Led Apple will be showcasing a cheerful song and dance with “Bad Boys,” a change from their previous ballad single. “Bad Boys” is composed by Jo Young Soo, who also composed the group’s “Sadness,” “Run to You,” and “Let the Wind Blow.” It is said that Jo Young Soo worked hard on this song to bring out each member’s strong point, after watching and complimenting the group’s powerful live performance in Japan.

Led Apple will also be grabbing the hearts of music fans this summer with a hip dance in the choreogpraphy for “Bad Boys.”

Led Apple will be dropping a teaser June 12 so stay tuned to Soompi for updates!

Led Apple 1