ChoColat Transforms into “Black Tinkerbell” for New Music Video

Girl group ChoColat has released the full music video for “Black Tinkerbell” through their official YouTube channel. This marks the group’s return to the music scenes after a year and three months.

According to the group’s agency, “Black Tinkerbell” is composed by rookie composer, Kim Eui Sung, who took almost two years to perfect this song made especially for the group. Kim Eui Sung was inspired to write this song after noticing that ChoColat often received compliments that the members were like fairies. The song is about loving someone who loves someone else, yet unable to leave, continuing to linger around the person you love.

The members of ChoColat also worked long and hard on this song, recording for six months. The group plans to promote this song on terrestrial cable, and Arirang TV.

Check out the music video below!

They also released a dance tutorial!

Chocolat black tinkerbell 1 Chocolat black tinkerbell 2