[Gallery] U-KISS, Dal Shabet, and Tiny-G Celebrate French-Korean Culture Exchange

Soompi had the opportunity to attent the “2013 Banpo Seorae Korea & France Music Festival” on June 8, where guests singers U-KISS, Dal Shabet, Tiny-G, Lee Jung, and others graced the stage to celebrate French-Korean culture exchange. This music festival was held in synchronization with the famous “Festival of Music” that takes place in France in June every year. 

Soompi was able to take pictures of U-KSS, Dal Shabet, Tiny-G, and Lee Jung, as they rocked the stage and won over the audience with their music, performance, and energy. Browse through the gallery to see our up-close pictures of these arists!

Korea France Music Festival

U-KISS ‘ Kevin says hello to fans.

U-KISS Kevin 1

Kevin looks happy performing.

U-KISS Kevin 2

U-KISS’ Kiseob is caught mid-clap.

U-KISS Kiseob 1

Kiseob looks sexy with his right eye covered.U-KISS Kiseob 2

U-KISS’ Soohyun kisses the mic.

U-KISS Soohyun 1

Soohyun focuses on his singing.

U-KISS Soohyun 2

U-KISS’ Hoon can’t keep his eyes off the fans.

U-KISS Hoon 2

Hoon catches Soompi’s camera!

U-KISS Hoon 4

U-KISS’ Eli looks toward his members.

U-KISS Eli 1

Is Eli about to blow a kiss to fans?

U-KISS Eli 2

U-KISS’ Dongho looking serious.

U-KISS Dongho 1

Dongho gives an alluring gaze to fans.

U-KISS Dongho 2

U-KISS’ AJ gives a chic look.


AJ smiles widely for the camera!


Dal Shabet looks towards their fans.

Dal Shabet 1

Dal Shabet’s Ah Young.

Dal Shabet 6

Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun.

Dal Shabet 7

Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee.

Dal Shabet 4

Dal Shabet’s Serri.

Dal Shabet 5

Dal Shabet’s Subin.

Dal Shabet 3

Dal Shabet’s Ji Yul.

Dal Shabet 2

Tiny-G members show off their slim waists.

Tiny-G 5

Tiny-G’s Myung Ji.

Tiny-G 4

Tiny-G’s Do Hee.

Tiny-G 3

Tiny-G’s Mint.

Tiny-G 2

Tiny-G’s J.Min.

Tiny-G 1

Lee Jung takes to the stage with a ballad.

Lee Jung 1

Lee Jung also sings a dance song with his wide vocal range.  Apparently, he loves Hawaii!

Lee Jung 3

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