Dal Shabet Releases Eye-catching MV Teaser for “Be Ambitious”

Girl group Dal Shabet, which will be making a comeback soon, has released the first music video teaser for “Be Ambitious (Look at my Legs).”

The unique teaser emphasizes the members’ legs by covering their faces with computer-generated animal heads. The members sit on a stool dressed in a black body suit that bring attention to their long, slender legs. The clip also gives a short taste of the song, revealings the lyrics, “Look at my legs; they’re pretty.” The teaser certainly does make viewers look at their legs.

Dal Shabet will be making a comeback June 20 with their new mini album “Be Ambitious.” The album will contain the song “How Could You?” which is composed and written by member Woo Hee. It will also include songs with lyrics written by members SerriJiyul, and Ga Eun, resulting in four songs written by members out of six total tracks. 

Can’t wait for Dal Shabet’s comeback!