BEAST to Reveal Title Song “I’m Sorry” First to B2UTY

Hot boy group BEAST will be pre-releasing the title song “I’m Sorry” off their upcoming new album on June 15.

BEAST will be returning to the music scene in July with a new album, which may seem like a long wait for fans. So beforehand, BEAST will be showcasing the title song “I’m Sorry” at the June 15 special event “B2UTY Gather” taking place in Gangnam at 8pm. The song will then be released online on music sites later in the evening.

“I’m Sorry” is a collaborative production between composer Kim Tae Joo and BEAST member Yong Jun Hyung. The lyrics will be about the feelings a man has after breaking up, regretful that he didn’t treat his girlfriend better. 

Previousy on May 29, BEAST released the single, “Will You be Alright?” topping charts immediately and winning on MBC’s “Music Core” without any promotions.

June 15 will be an exciting day for B2UTY!