After School’s Lizzy Still Looks Cool in Cast and Hair Roller

After School member Lizzy, who was unable to participate in the “First Lovemusic video teaser photo filming due to a leg injury, recently revealed fun but saddening photos of herself through her Twitter account. Lizzy also wrote, “What am I doing in the practice room? Playing celebrity,” in conjunction with these photos.

In the photos, Lizzy is sitting in the practice room with her legs crossed, wearing sunglasses and casual clothes, looking like the pretty celebrity she is. Except she also has a roller in her hair and a cast around her leg, creating a mismatch confusion. It also breaks fans’ hearts to see Lizzy unable to practice because of her injury.

After School will be making a comeback on June 13 with their sixth maxi single and title song “First Love.” According to Segye Ilbo, it seems unlikely that Lizzy will be able to participate in After School’s comeback stage on June 13 due to her leg injury. Hope Lizzy gets well soon!

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