MBLAQ’s Thunder and Mir Show Different Attitudes Toward Older Sisters

MBLAQ‘s Thunder and Mir showed different attitudes toward their famous older sisters, which grabbed the attention of the public.

On June 10, Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 2” featured guests Park Hye Kyung and MBLAQ.

Thunder spoke about his sister, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park, who he lives with at the moment, and said, “When I see my sister at home, I don’t think she’s pretty but when I see her when she’s with other celebrities, I think she looks pretty,” and “Even among other pretty people, my sister looks the prettiest.”

On the other hand, Mir shared completely different feelings about his sister as he said, “As an older sister, Go Eun Ah is the worst of the worst,” and “I have never thought that she was pretty for one second,” which made everyone burst out in laughter.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon talked about his scrooge-like ways while G.O showed off his vocal skills by singing Luther Vandross‘ “Superstar.”

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