Lee Kwang Soo Becomes a Handsome Patissier for “Dating Agency: Cyrano”

Lee Kwang Soo knows no bounds in transforming into new roles and images! His most recent– a handsome patissier.

Lee Kwang Soo plays the role of Choi Da Rin in the tvN drama, “Dating Agency: Cyrano,” captivating the viewers with his multiple charms.

Lee Kwang Soo is helplessly in love with his rival chef, Dokko Mi Jin (played by Goo Eun Ae) as they both try out for the same cooking audition program. He goes to the Cyrano Agency to get help.

The released behind-the-scenes stills show Lee Kwang Soo getting ready for his audition program scenes. Eyes were drawn to Lee Kwang Soo’s serious and passionate aura as he attempts to make a delectable dessert!

It is reported that Lee Kwang Soo created a warm and lively atmosphere on set with his bright personality. Staff members highly praised him for his energy and hard work.

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