Haha Dyes His Hair Blonde!

Recently, “Running Man”s Haha uploaded a photo of himself on Twitter along with the message, “That’s right. I dyed my hair! For the first time in 15 years~ Do I look snobbish?”  

In the selca, Haha is on a sofa smiling at the camera. With his new blonde hair and boyish face, Haha looks youthful. Fans found it hard to believe that this young-looking singer will soon be a father.

Haha’s wife and singer Byul left a loving message afterward, “I am married to an idol! He looks like a member of group SHINee! So cute. (We are still newlyweds, so please forgive my excitement.)”

Meanwhile, Byul and Haha, who were married late last year, will become parents in approximately three months.