After rumors started to arise today that actor Song Jae Hee and announcer Kim Kyung Ran were dating, it has been confirmed by both sides that they are in a relationship.

It was reported earlier in the day on June 13 that Song Jae Hee and Kim Kyung Ran have been dating for six months. According to this media source, the two met while attending the same church and starting dating in January.

Later in the day, Song Jae Hee’s agency confirmed with eNEWS that the actor started dating Kim Kyung Ran earlier this year. The source from the agency stated, “Song Jae Hee, who often described his ideal as someone who is religiously devout, said he met his ideal and asked people to look upon them affectionately.”

Kim Kyung Ran’s agency also confirmed the relationship, stating, “Actor Song Jae Hee and Kim Kyung Ran have been dating since April.”

Song Jae Hee most famously appeared in the 2012 drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” playing the role of Heo Yeom, the adult version of ZE:A Im Siwan‘s character. Kim Kyung Ran was a KBS announcer until she turned freelancer recently. Song Jae Hee is 34 and Kim Kyung Ran is 36.

Wishing the new celebrity couple much happiness!