2PM Ends “Grown” Promotions This Week, Prepares for Finale Concert

Idol group 2PM will end promotional activities for their third album, “Grown,” this week.

2PM came back to the music scene with two title songs from their album- “A.D.T.O.Y.” and “Come Back After Listening to This Song”- topping music charts all over the world.

After performing on this week’s music programs, 2PM will end their third album promotional activities and start preparing for the grand finale concerts of their Asia tour that will take place on June 21 and 22 in Korea.

2PM will also be releasing a “Grand Edition” of the “Grown” album in June 19. “Grown- Grand Edition” will contain all 12 tracks from the original album and 10 additional tracks written and composed by the 2PM members themselves and solo songs that they showcased at their concerts to show their thanks and love for the fans.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Although 2PM is ending their short promotional activities in Korea, they will be continuing the excitement through the concert. We are grateful to everyone who supported us throughout the activities and please look forward to the grand edition album and concert.”

Hope Hottests don’t have to wait too long for another album. Come back soon, 2PM!