Kim Ye Rim “Lim Kim” Surprises Viewers with “All Right” MV Teaser

Kim Ye Rim, a.k.a. “Lim Kim,” of the duo “Two Months” has released the music video teaser for “All Right.” This song is the title song off her new album.

The teaser shows Kim Ye Rim in the natural and common setting of getting up on a bright, sunny morning. Viewers can hear her flatly say, “Parting is ‘all right.'” The music video, directed by CF director Baek Jong Yeol, portrays the state of mind of a woman after breaking up with her lover.

Grabbing viewers attention is the fact that Kim Ye Rim is dressed only in her underwear in the teaser. According to jTBC News, netizens commented, “Her sexy image is pretty too,” “I have discovered a new side to her,” and “The teaser, it’s shocking.”

“All Right” is written and composed by Yoon Jong Shin. The full music video will be released June 17.