Jang Yoon Jung and Do Kyung Wan Share a Kiss in Wedding Photo Shoot

Trot singer Jang Yoon Jung, who has been having family trouble lately, still looks happy with her fiancé in the recently released wedding photos. 

Jang Yoon Jung will be tying the knot with announcer Do Kyung Wan on June 28 but beforehand, the couple took time to shoot some wedding photos that show the couple looking happy and in love. Jang Yoon Jung wears three different wedding dress each in of the three wedding photos released, and all are of a simple, clean look. In one photo, the singer looks adoringly at her partner, while in another, the two share a kiss. In the final wedding photo, Jang Yoon Jung is a veiled bride of beauty.

Jang Yoon Jung wedding 2

Jang Yoon Jung wedding 3

Once again, congratulations to this beautiful couple!