[Recap] Soompi Weekly Recap – June Week 2

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!  

  • Just because you don’t like a celebrity does not mean you should start an anti-café, especially one for six year old! Luckily, there are more reasonable and supportive people in the world for the adorable Yoon Hoo.
  • It’s not fair! Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung are beautiful celebrities and they get a movie like romance too!
  • Actor Song Jae Hee is in a relationship with TV announcer Kim Hyung Ran. Perhaps they will join the growing list of celebrities getting married this year?
  • Like MC Sniper who will marry his non-celebrity fiancé in November.
  • After School’s Jung Ah explained that she sees SHINee’s Onew as a younger brother, even after their dating scandal, although according to the comments most people wouldn’t have minded so much if they were actually dating.
  • You know you are a big fan if you get jealous of a puppy that received Hyun Bin’s attention.
  • Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany had to opportunity to interview and take a picture with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Lucky girl! 
  • Son Dam Bi and Eric Nam met with model Miranda Kerr. The top model also made a guest appearance on SNL Korea.
  • EXO revealed that they take showers two to three people at a time, opening the floodgates of imaginations of fangirls everywhere. 
  • TV personality Marco was arrested for domestic violence but charges were dropped by his wife.
  • Comedian Ham Hyo Joo passed away after being hit by a car. She was only thirty years old.
  • Block B lost their lawsuit but declared that they are not giving up! Poor guys, hopefully they will be able to promote their music soon.
  • JYJ’s Junsu will be opening his very expensive resort on Jeju Island in the fall. Hm, what am I doing for Thanksgiving break again?
  • June 14 is Kiss Day! Even if you don’t get kissed, you can still vote which celebrity you would want a kiss from, which is not nearly as good as the real thing but still, better than nothing.
  • This isn’t celebrity news but Soompi has a new commenting system! Take advantage and be heard (read)! 

Next…It’s a battle of sexiness.

In music it was all about bringing the sexy. The music video of the week goes to After School’s “First Love” for their exceptional pole dancing skills. The girls kept it pretty classy (but still sexy) so there shouldn’t be any problems with censorship, as some of you were wondering. SISTAR made men everywhere cry out, “whatever you want!” when they released the music video for “Give It to Me.” Sexy diva Ivy made her comeback with seizure inducing “I Dance” featuring Wonder Girls‘s Yoobin. Girl group Chocolat also decided to try for a sexier look with their “Black Tinkerbell,” which was not what I was imagining to be honest. Women weren’t the only ones releasing music videos; electronic rock group Nell released the music video for “Ocean of Light,” and BTS made their debut with “No More Dream.”

In teasers this week, Dal Shabet is all legs. Lee Hyori turned into a guy for “Going Crazy,” Sunny Hill does the polka for “Darling of All Hearts,” Baek A Yeon sings of first love in “A Good Boy,” Kim Yae Rim sings in her underwear for “All Right,” Led Apple proves they are “Bad Boys,” and Park Myung Soo uses Clara’s hotness to promote “You’re My Girl.”

 Also, make sure to check out Kara’s Nicole’s sexy Beyonce dance cover, Girls’ Generation’s very pink outfits, and you can still enter to win an autographed 100% CD

Next…Eunhyuk reveals what runs in his family.

In variety news, Eunhyuk reveals his witty older sister. Looks like the quick wit runs in the family. On the same program, Kim Bum Soo injured his knee while filming and will be unable to continue filming. With Yoon Sae Yoon also out, maybe they could put Lee Hyori in permanently? Nichkun was voted as the worst boyfriend type because of his small face. Does that mean Kang Ho Dong is popular because of his head size? MBLAQ’s Mir and Thunder show the two different ways to love your sister. Soompi’s “We Got Married” recap is far superior than any of the others*.

In drama news, Goo Hara drew a crowd with her kiss scene. Lee Kwang Soo became a romantic patissier for “Dating Agency: Cyrano.” BEAST’s Kikwang admits that he is a better idol than an actor, but there’s still time to improve. Maybe he can give some tips to Nine MusesMinha who will appear in her first sitcom. The upcoming historical drama “Sword and Flower” released character photos of Um Tae Woong, Kim Ok Bin, and CNBlue’s Lee Jong Shin.

*This is very biased.

Next…Guess who joined Instagram? 

Girl’s Day went for the sultry look for an unnamed magazine, but still looked cute anyway. Taeyeon was nothing but perfect skin and beautiful hair for her “High Cut” pictorial. HyunA continues to be sexy and cute for her “G by Guess” photo shoots.


Yuri is the next Girls’ Generation member to join Instagram and you can follow her. Fellow member Seohyun shared a picture with the 91 line, and their label mates from Super Junior and SHINee showed their support for their concert. Meanwhile, Hyoyeon and miss A’s Min turned into DJs at a club. Jo Kwon is king of the musical. Sandara and Thunder may be K-pop’s sweetest siblings.

That’s all for this week! What was your favorite story of the week? Let us know in the comments below. Until next week…