Girl’s Day is “Confident and Sexy” in Album Jacket Teaser

Girl’s Day is going for “confident and sexy” for the release of their repackaged first album.

The group’s agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, stated, “With this album’s concept being the ‘harmony between confident and sexy,’ the song, choreography, and outfits will all express sexiness and stylishness. The members are producing beads of sweat, intensively practicing the song and dance for their comeback.”

The agency also released the album jacket teaser photo which shows the four members of Girl’s Day standing against a pink background and a pink podium that has a symbol for Girl’s Day’s repackaged first album with the tagline, “Female President.” Minah salutes the camera while the other members wear a crown on their heads. According to the agency, each member stand ready at the podium to deliver their story.

Girl’s Day will be releasing their album June 24 and will also be holding a pool party showcase for the release on that day.