Miranda Kerr and MBLAQ Lee Joon’s Appearance on SNL Korea

As we reported before, Miranda Kerr appeared on the June 15 broadcast of tvN’s “SNL Korea.” This broadcast of “SNL Korea” was hosted by the actor Lee Bum Soo. The former Victoria’s Secret model appeared in a skit that was a parody of OnStyle’s “Project Runway Korea.” MBLAQ’s Lee Joon made an appearance.

For the parody, Miranda Kerr appeared as a guest that needed to have a dress designed for an advertisement appearance. Lee Joon appears on the show as a strange ballerina designer. At the end of the skit Lee Bum Soo appears dressed up as Legolas from the film “Lord of the Rings.” (This is a hat tip to Miranda Kerr’s husband Orlando Bloom that appeared as Legolas)

In the end, Lee Bum Soo was announced the winner of the parody. 

You can view a clip of the skit by pressing the little blue play button on the top right of the screencaps below.

snl korea 2

snl korea